Nota Bene

Since Ready4Canada has a good reputation, credibility and has the necessary licenses to operate legally, many crooks will try to use the company name or Steven Johnston's name to commit fraud. When you are approached by someone you do not know claiming to be or represent Steven Johnston or Ready4Canada, please verify directly with us so that we can let you know if you are approached by a genuine partner or agent.

We have received the following reports from people saying that the following individuals or false companies have been using Steven Johnston, or our company name, Ready4Canada Immigration Services, for possible fraudulent purposes:

  • Walid Frigui. This person has stopped being an agent for Ready4Canada in late 2012 and no contracts were ever signed with him.
  • OOPNP. In October and November 2016, e-mails were received from candidates wanting to confirm that Steven Johnston is associated with OOPNP. STEVEN JOHNSTON IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THIS COMPANY AND NEVER HAS BEEN.
  • 100% Guaranteed Canada Visa. Random people receive this e-mail offering jobs and work permits. The subject is Work N Canada and the e-mail address sending it is We are not associated and never have been associated with anyone sending this e-mail.
  • Aqua Daylight Seafoods Canada. In April 2017, we have been informed that this company was using the name Steven Johnston in order to recruit people from Nigeria and the Philippines. We are not associated in any way with this company.
  • Immigrant Visa Center (IVC) Inc: On May 25th, 2017, Ready4Canada terminated its agreement with IVC. Steven Johnston has never worked on any file or legally represented any of IVC's client files.