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Do you have business management experience as a senior manager or a business owner and would like to own and operate a business in Canada? If yes, this service is for you!

Business Immigration to Canada

Most of the provincial governments in Canada have an entrepreneur program (usually called Business Provincial Nominee Program) to help foreigners open up a business and eventually obtain permanent residency.

However, most of these programs are very complex to understand and implement.

This is why professional help is of the upmost importance for this type of application!

Ready4Canada Immigration Services and it's partners are here to assist you open a business in Canada which will lead to permanent residency.

On top of being able to assist you with the provincial programs, Ready4Canada has developed a customized "all inclusive" approach to assist you successfully open up a business in our city of Gatineau, Québec.

Immigration Canada

Steven Johnston is a member of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce and is also part of its business start up group "Les Entremetteurs" (you may use Google Translate to display the links in English). All of the professionals you will need to ensure a successful start up or business acquisition are available and ready to assist you!

Immigration Consultant in Ottawa
Immigration Consultant Ottawa

You and your family will be in Canada with a work permit in about 6 to 8 months. Permanent residency will be attained in about 2.5 to 4 years depending on how fast you can meet the requirements

Ready4Canada Immigration Services will be happy to assist you acquire a business and immigrate to other cities in Québec or Canada. However, the network which allows us to offer you the "All Inclusive Service" is unique to the city of Gatineau.

Should you want to take advantage of this opportunity in Gatineau or apply for any Provincial Nominee Business Program, please fill out the assessment sheet below and return it to

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